Bebus (1979)



  • When Narendra Bedi made debut with Bandhan, he took Rajesh Khanna as the hero and they later did Maha Chor and both films were successful.
  • Ramesh Sippy, Narendra Bedi were working toghether in G.P.Sippy's productions. In 1967/68, during the making of Raaz, Narendra Bedi and Rajesh Khanna were good friends.
  • After directing many successful big films for other producers like Jawani Dewaani, Rafoo Chakker, Be Naam, Adalat, in the middle of 1970s Narendra Bedi thought that now he should turn producer and the hero will of course be his friend Rajesh Khanna who was a top actor in those days. So Narendra Bedi announced his film tittled Bebas with Rajesh Khanna, Zaheera and others and the shooting started.
  • Rajesh Khanna was very busy in those days and dint have dates when it comes to Bebus and Narendra Bedi was a broken man and very upset also felt let down and was dissapointed as he thought he will get a support from Rajesh Khanna whom he depended for his first production.
  • Meanwhile in the end of 1970s Narendra Bedi then started big films like Kachche Heere with Feroz Khan, Then Taqaat & Insaan with Vinod Khanna and others and then Akhree Sangam with Vijayendra but all these films got stuck. Then in 1981 he started Sanam Teri Kasam for Reena Roy's home production and completed and released on time and it was a big success but it dint help Narendra Bedi.
  • Narendra Bedi waited for about 4-5 years to make Bebus, not much shooting was done Then in the end of 1970s Narendra Bedi decided to restart the film again with different starcast and tittle. Bebas was changed to Kabzaa and Sanjeev Kumar and Reena Roy and they co-oporated. The shooting started but the hassles again began and Kabzaa shooting stopped. Narendra Beid tried to complete the film till the end but couldnot. He dint shelve Kabzaa, he was always finding way to complete.
  • Narendra Bedi, was a broken man and in his last days he was worried for Kabza which was stuck. Insaan & Sanam Teri Kasam were already released, when he died, Taqaat was ready for release and 2 films were incomplete, Akhree Sungarsh & Kabzaa. Then later Prakash Mehra had stated that he was taking over Kabzaa. Akhree Sungarsh was completed by Narindra Bedi's asisstance Ajay Kashyap but the it took years to release and Kabza, shelved
  • In 1982 after Narendra Bedi's demise, filmaker Prakash Mehra announced that he will complete and release Kabza but he couldn't complete and then the about seven years old project Bebus/Kabza was shelved permenently and it was the end of chapter. Mahesh Bhatt later used the tittle Kubzaa for his 1988 film with Sanjay Dutt.
  • When the film was launched, it was titled "Sanskar" and had Reena Roy and Moshumi Chatterjee in the leads. They soon dropped out due to delays.


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