Albeli (1955)

Albeli 剧情介绍
"Pradeep in town" -an announcement in local newspaper finds Geeta, the daughter of the proprietor of Nan Ching Chung hotel, Mr. Verma, pedalling fast towards the theatre where the show is on. But as ill-luck would have its she missses him narrowly. However, the same evening they meet again in curiou, circumstances when she is helping her yougner sister Rita to elope and marry her lover Brij, and thus save herself from unwanted attentions of the sneezer, Bahadur Singh. Pradeep led away by Geetas improptu story of escaping from goodness takes her to Police Station, where suddenly aware of the thineess of story of Geeta charges Pradeep himself with the kidnapping. . When Rita and Brij come back in the morning to announce their marriage and are in tantrums to collect the necessary nerve, there is a great commotion at the house, becuse the police had rung up to tell her father that Geetas kidnapping story was a fib. The outraged Pradeep also joins the scene and punishes Geeta right and square but is soon made to repent by a misunderstanding unwittingly created by the father Mr. Verma. He is led to believe that Geeta and Rita are twins (though in reality they are as different as - well, they are different) and homses spent his wrath on the wrong person. . Pradeep is full of explanations and regrets and Geeta enjoys his prediccament throughtly and loves him all the more, for it. Pradeep also finds himself a willing victim of Cupids shaft and they part cherishing hope that they may soon meet again. And lo! fate brings them together sooner, much sooner then they could have imagined in their fondest dreams. Mr. Verma always finding himself at his wits and because of Geetas waywardness, decides to send both the sisters to some such institution where the disciplne is strict and rigorous. Geeta turning even a handicap to the best advantage, persuades him to send them to no other place than Kala Niketan, where her beau ideal Pradeep is the professor of Light Music. . But that is not the end of her troubles. Havind speeded up her younge sister Rita and Brij to a secret honeymoon at Kashmir, she has to summon all her wits, histronics and duplicity in order to maintain the that not one but both sisters are in residence at the academy. She collects a whole train of admireres -some thinking her to be Rita and some Geeta - and puts up a hilarious masquerade, importing much extra-curricular activity into the usually clam precincts of the acamemy. One day, however, the wole game had to blow up and the aftermath? Well, better see it on the screen. [Source: Booklet]